lokoz.com service rules

  1. The Rules of the following terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them below:
    • lokoz.com – means the company lokoz.com s.c. is located at Armii Krajowej 22C street, 19-300 Elk, Poland, EU VAT No PL8481806760
    • Customer – means an individual, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, possessing the ability to borrow in its own commitments and the acquisition of rights.
    • Service – providing space on a server by lokoz.com, a specified capacity and designated monthly data transfer limit.
    • Transfer limit – set by lokoz.com and included in each hosting package limit the flow of data to and from the virtual server client. The transfer limit includes data generated by HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3.
    • Subscription – payment in advance by the customer for Service provided during a specified period of time.
  2. This Regulation lays down rules for the use of Services offered by lokoz.com, responsibilities and any other information concerning procedural matters.
  3. The first payment or the establishment of services for a test is equivalent to confirmation that the customer is familiar with the rules and therefore accepted it.
  4. Violation of the rules by customers of lokoz.com causes the termination of the contract without denunciation.
  5. The Client declares that he agrees to the processing of personal data by lokoz.com.


  1. The person ordering the service should pay for the ordered period. After this period, your account will be suspended for the next 30 days. If payment is not recorded after 30 days, the account and data will be permanently deleted.
  2. The customer is informed about the expiration of his account 14 days before.
  3. lokoz.com is not responsible for payment delays independent of us.
  4. The Prices of services and additional services are available on the website lokoz.com. Additional services are only activated on request of the customer after payment.
  5. lokoz.com is committed not to raise prices of the contract services. Changes in the prices of services applies only to newly established accounts. Old accounts will be renewed at the price of the contract services.
  6. Changing the service during the subscription period:
    • for cheaper- it is not possible until the expiry of the subscription period
    • for more expensive- the customer pays the difference between Services


  1. lokoz.com commits to ensure a constant and uninterruptible access to purchased services. The availability of the service during the subscription period is guaranteed at 99%.
  2. lokoz.com commits to activate the Service directly after payment. In rare situations, the activation can take until 24 hours max.
  3. Any lack of access to purchased services, fault by lokoz.com, lasting over 24 hours will be compensated by extending the subscription to the Service for a period of one week for every started 24 hours.
  4. Customer is committed to provide true personal data. The effect of entering wrong or incomplete personal data will cause suspending or removal of the account and no money refund will be possible.
  5. lokoz.com is not responsible for data stored by its clients and their services. lokoz.com commits to respond to complaints concerning violations of law by the clients and drawing consequences.
  6. It is forbidden to keep data on the server that is forbidden by the law, any act that violates or that may violate property rights or privacy of a third party or Companies, sending spam, excessive use of server resources etc.
  7. lokoz.com is not responsible for damage caused by random events, actions of third parties, not receiving e-mail and other situations that are not lokoz.com fault.
  8. lokoz.com is liable for damage caused by the fault of lokoz.com.
  9. The client should have a current copy of the materials stored on the server. lokoz.com performs backups 3 times a week, but does not take any responsibility for customer data, as well as for their damage or loss.
  10. lokoz.com reserves the right to terminate the contract with the customer, without giving reasons using 7 days denunciation. In such case the client will get a refund for unused subscription proportional to the number of days remaining to the end of the contract.
  11. lokoz.com has the right to remove a customer’s account or blocking it without any refund in case of breaking the rules by the client.
  12. In case of overruning transfer limits the client’s will have to pay additional fees for transfer according to the price list available on lokoz.com website.


  1. Customer complaint due to failure or negligence in providing services can be mailed to the address claims@lokoz.com and should contain the following information:
    • Customer data for his identification, and later contact
    • type of services that have been corrupted
    • grounds and the circumstances justifying the claim
    • suggested solution of the problem
  2. lokoz.com is committed to provide a written response to the complaint within 14 days of its receivement. Customer will receive a reply indicating the decision and the settlement.


  1. lokoz.com reserves the right to change these rules. Regulations in the current version are always available at lokoz.com, any changes will be notified by e-mail, sent to the address given during registration.
  2. Both lokoz.com and the client are committed to obey these rules.
  3. All issues will be resolved amicably. If no agreement can be reached matters will be referred to the competent court for lokoz.com.
  4. In matters not covered by these regulations the civil law and appropriate laws will be taken.
  5. The user is responsible for the consequences of submitting false statements, misrepresentation, or failure to inform lokoz.com abouth changing them.



  1. lokoz.com offers a thirty (30) day money back guarantee on lokoz.com packages.
  2. Within 30 days from the first payment for Service, Customer is allowed to cancel the contract and receive a full refund.
  3. After the thirty (30) days, money back guarantee will be inactive.

Cancellation of Services

If you don't want to use our Services anymore, don't pay the following invoices. In this case your Service will be suspended and after 30 days it will be permanently deleted. You can also send us a Cancellation Request available in Client Area.

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